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Air Facts
Good health isn't just a matter of what you put into your body; it's also a matter of what you keep out of it. Every breath brings contaminants into your body. Some are things we bring into our own living environments, like particles from household cleaning products, personal care products, and many more. Human beings take in 3,400 pounds of air a day. That air contains oxygen, which keeps us alive. Why then, despite of all the consequences to our air do we continue to build and manufacture products that pollute it? In an effort to make life longer, life becomes shorter.

Air pollutants are know as benzene (found in gasoline), dioxin (from mostly dry cleaners), methylene chloride (found in paint stripper), asbestos, mercury, and lead compounds are suspected to cause cancer or other serious health effects, such as reproductive effects or birth defects, or adverse environmental effects.

You may be asking yourself what are the health and environmental effects of toxic air pollutants? The health ramifications of breathing toxic air is increased chance of getting cancer, damage to the immune system, neurological system and the reproductive system. In addition to breathing toxic air, some pollutants leach into ground water. Ex-Mercury Below are some of the areas in which you are exposed to toxins in our air.

  • Breathing air
  • Eating contaminated foods such as fish from dirty waters and meats and dairy from animals ingesting contaminated plants, and fruits and veggies grown in contaminated soil.
  • Drinking water contaminated by toxic air pollutants.

    Once toxic air pollutants enter the body, some persistent toxic air pollutants accumulate in body tissues. Predators typically accumulate even greater pollutant concentrations than their contaminated prey. As a result, people and other animals at the top of the food chain that eat contaminated fish or meat are exposed to concentrations that are much higher than the concentrations in the water, air, or soil.

    Convictions of the Heart Foundation working with you can make a difference. When our awareness and consciousness becomes heightened only then will we see what were doing to our environment and ourselves. Then we'll find the power within ourselves to force our government and industries to correct the environmental injustice we've created. Thank you for taking the time to review this information. Convictions of the Heart Foundation hopes you found the information to be educational and possible opened your awareness level. Our Conviction to take action holds the promise for our future. Conviction to love, health and life. With your conviction to donate to our cause will help us with our mission to create a better tomorrow for you and your children.

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