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Global Warming

    The earths weather and climate is driven by the sun. The sun heats the earth's surface and then planet earth radiates energy back into space. Atmospheric green house gases trap the out going energy. If the earth didn't have a natural green house gas effect temperatures would be much lower. The problem we are facing now is the increase in atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gases, which primarily comes from burning fossil fuels. These fossil fuels come from cars, trucks, trains, buses, and power in factories and residential homes.

  • The United States has long been the world's leading developer of new technologies however; we are also the leading global warming polluter. U.S.A. only has 4 percent of the world's population, however we produce 25 percent of the carbon dioxide pollution. We have a responsibility, as individuals and as a nation, to lead the world toward slashing emissions of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases. The United States emits about one fifth of total greenhouse gases into the air annually. The following are the percentages of emission release into our air, 98% carbon dioxide emission, 24% methane emission, 18% nitrous oxide emissions.

  • America's cars, trucks and buses account for 20 percent of U.S. global warming pollution, as well as soot and smog that damage human lungs. The signs of global warming are all around us, from melting glaciers to stifling heat waves. Eight of the 10 warmest years on record have occurred since 1990, and scientists say global warming is likely to disrupt water supplies, flood coastal areas, increase disease outbreaks and cause fragile lands, such as alpine meadows and coastal marshes, to vanish. The summer of 2003 has been extremely hot and humid all over the world. Areas that normally have low humidity and cooler temperatures were hot and humid. Many deaths occurred as well. What are we doing to our world? Start to think about it. Instead of fixing the problem before it gets worse, we develop cars that are even more inefficient. Why?? Are we still purchasing cars that use more oil to a gallon? Building cars that burn less gas cost less to operate and drastically cut down on pollution. America's automobiles pump 1.4 billion tons of co2 pollution into the atmosphere each year.

  • We all know with our advanced technology large positive changes can be made to our environment. Oh, but what about the oil companies?? Will they make their money? Yes, they will still make a bundle of money cause they make sick money now with overcharging us for oil and creating gas-guzzling vehicles. Automakers have used a legal loophole to make SUV'S far less fuel efficient than they could be; the explosive sales of these vehicles have propelled a 20 percent increase in transportation-related carbon dioxide pollution over the last decade. Closing this loophole and requiring SUV'S, minivans and pick-up trucks to be as efficient as cars would yield savings of 120 million tons a year by 2010.
  • A little less profit won't kill them. Think? Who are you helping? Not yourself or your children, because your suffering on a daily and yearly basis with the damage fossil fuels are doing to our earth and you and your families health.

    Whatever happened to the fight within us? Fighting for what is right!! Our children and the nature of the world (including animals and sea life) can't fight. They depend on us to notice this injustice. Greed is a terrible thing. These companies care nothing about you or our world for that matter. It's all about them living in the moment.

  • Convictions of the Heart Foundation asks you to please take the time to think and make small changes within your daily lives. Several organizations are working for solutions to global warming. We ask you to participate. First visit to sign a petition that the Environmental Defense Council has formed to get one million signatures to our president of the USA to pursue him to see our immense problem with global warming. (Isn't it a shame that we have to heavily pursue our president to make changes regarding global warming which affect all of us including him and his family? You would think he would see this massive problem on his own if he were such a credible human being.)
  • Global warming is one of our toughest environmental challenges, threatening the health of people, wildlife and economies around the world. We have the know-how to start fixing the problem, but we have to start soon. Decisions we make today will affect the planet for years to come.

    The problem is carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping pollution -- mainly from cars, power plants and other industrial sources that burn gasoline, coal and other fossil fuels -- collecting like a blanket in the atmosphere. As a result, the planet is getting warmer. In fact, 2002 was the second warmest year on record, according to NASA (right behind 1998, and just ahead of 2001).

    Although earth temperatures fluctuate naturally, warming over the past 50 years is the fastest in history, and experts think the trend is accelerating. Scientists say that unless global warming emissions are reduced, average U.S. temperatures could be 3 to 9 degrees higher by the end of the century.

  • Today, our burning of the fossil fuels coal, oil, and gas is like a human volcano that is releasing large amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Scientists express fear that the build up of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere will trigger development of a modern greenhouse climate change. Climate change is impacting our lives. We must realize now we live in a hot interglacial world, one in which many organisms may already be close to their upper thermal limits for species survival. The earth may warm by 2.5 degrees F to 10 degrees F (1.3-5.7 degrees C) by the end of this century potentially making our planet warmer than any time since dinosaurs were dominant.
  • Since the late 19th century temperatures have increased o.5-1.0 degrees Fahrenheit. Sadly to say in the 20th century the 10 warmest years were all in the last 15 years of the century. There is an increase in agriculture deforestation, landfills, industrial production and mining, which contributes to the increase of greenhouse gases. Since the beginning of the industrial revolution atmospheric concentrations of carbon dioxide have increased to nearly 30%, nitrous oxide concentrations has risen 15% and methane co contraptions have doubled.

    Snow cover has decreased, floating ice in the artic ocean decreased, rainfall has increased, and sea levels are rising 4-8 inches over the past century.

    USA Global warming means more air pollution and problems with water supplies as precipitation patterns change, as well as huge threats to ecosystems from the Everglades to the glaciers. There will be hotter, longer heat waves and more intense storm systems. Forests, farms and cities will face troublesome new pests and more mosquito-borne diseases. Scientists say many of these symptoms are already appearing.
    were dominant.

  • The good news is that the solutions to this problem are clear. The technologies to build cleaner cars and to modernize power plants are readily at hand. We can lean more heavily on renewable energy sources such as wind, sun and hydrogen fuel cells.

    We also know how to make more efficient appliances and to conserve energy at home, in the office and on the road. Convictions of the Heart thinks its time to start evaluating ourselves. Are you contributing to air pollution by purchasing vehicles that release high levels of co2?

    Start to think about it? The more careless we become the richer the oil companies get. Not to mention other factories and corporations that contribute to our toxic environment. We assure you if we were all to think before we purchased a product that contributes to a multitude of environmental and health problems. For example if we think before we purchase a large gas-guzzling vehicle. Really pay attention to what is going on around us and how our environment is being destroyed everyday. Our children, animals and other living creatures depend on us.

  • Now is the time for all of us to show each other the way. Convictions of the Heart Foundation truly believes changes can be made if we are all willing to open our minds and take action against global warming and a multitude of other environmental problems. If you asked everyone, one by one, most of us would say our goal for our families and ourselves is to live in peace and harmony with the earth.


    Convictions of the Heart Foundation promises you that we will take you on a journey of education, enlighten, and never ending strength to reverse the damage we're doing to our planet and ourselves. Remember, remove the fear and follow what we all know feels right in our hearts. Open your mind to acknowledge the beauty of nature before man; it's our job to preserve it. After all, we are only borrowing our world from our children.

  • Take Action!! Clean air Solutions!!
    Power plants are the largest U.S. source of global warming pollution, producing 2.5 billion tons of heat-trapping pollution every year. But we can meet our energy needs without all the pollution.

    Most of our electricity comes from decades-old, dirty coal-burning power plants -- these dinosaurs can be phased out and replaced with cleaner plants.

    Relying more on renewable energy sources, such as wind, solar power and hydrogen fuel cells, would dramatically reduce global warming pollution. California has required its largest utilities to get 20 percent of their electricity from renewable sources within 15 years; other states could do the same.


    We can make our homes, offices and industries much more energy-efficient, which would cut pollution and save money. Each time you choose a compact fluorescent light bulb over an incandescent bulb, you'll lower your energy bill and keep half a ton of carbon dioxide out of the air.

    Clean Car and No fossil fuel Solutions:
    Automobiles are the second-largest U.S. source of heat-trapping pollution, pumping 1.4 billions tons into the atmosphere each year. But cost-effective technologies are already available that would reduce global warming pollution from cars and light trucks of all sizes.

    Hybrid gas-electric engines can cut global warming pollution by one-third or more; Honda and Toyota have hybrid models on the market today, and wagon, minivan and SUV models will be available within a year or two from a number of automakers.

    Automakers have the technology right now to raise fuel economy standards for new cars and light trucks to a combined 40-mpg.

  • Convictions of the Heart Foundation working with you can make a difference. When our awareness and consciousness becomes heightened only then will we see what were doing to our environment and ourselves. Then we'll find the power within ourselves to force our government and industries to correct the environmental injustice we've created. Thank you for taking the time to review this information. Convictions of the Heart Foundation hopes you found the information to be educational and possible opened your awareness level. Our Conviction to take action holds the promise for our future. Conviction to love, health and life. With your conviction to donate to our cause will help us with our mission to create a better tomorrow for you and your children.

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