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Convictions of the Heart Foundation is an informative site to help you and your family become aware of the current environmental problems and personal effects on your health. We provide environmentally friendly products, the all natural alternative to a healthier life.

Convictions of the Heart Foundation is a non profit organization here to serve you and the planet in many ways. Our commitment is to inform you through our website and educational conferences around the country regarding what you can do to protect yourself and your family from the toxins in our air, water, and food.

We are here to start a wave of intelligence with you regarding your health and the environment. You will then pass the torch by communicating what we are about to others. We stand behind who we are. No fluff! Our bottom line mission is to create trust among you and touch you and your children's lives with life-altering information. Humanity has the power to make major changes throughout our country and the world.
Convictions of the Heart Foundation aims to inform you about environmental issues so that you have the ammunition to take action. Remember there's only one earth, one sky, and one life. Together we can make a difference!!

Please make a contribution to help support our cause. Your donation will help us launch our educational eco-seminars across the U.S, our informative website, and eco-fundraisers in schools across the U.S.

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Convictions of the Heart Foundation will also launch a Campaign/Fundraiser around the country. We will be coming soon to a city near you, traveling to educate the general public on the importance of being a more health and environmentally conscious person. Enter your info below so we can contact you when we come to a city near you.

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