Flying tigersilk blood chit

Flying Tigers: the blood chit

This was one of many similar blood chits issued to members of the 14th Volunteer ... This one belonged to crew chief Jasper Harrington of the AVG Flying Tigers.

Blood chit - Wikipedia

A blood chit is a notice carried by military personnel and addressed to any civilians who may ... Many U.S. flight crews that flew over Asia had their "blood chit" sewn to the back of their flight jackets. Some units added the blood chit to the crew's...

Flying Tigers WWII Style Silk Blood Chit - Legendary USA

Flying Tigers WWII Style Silk Blood Chit-Genuine silk World War II style Blood Chit made famous by the Flying Tigers, a group of American volunteer pilots who...

Ma-1 Blood Chit Flight Jacket - Alpha Industries

Alpha Industries classic MA-1 Fight Jacket with a "Blood Chit" sewn on the inside lining. The Blood Chit contained a message in several languages identifying...

Flying Tigers Silk Blood Chit - US Wings

The Flying Tigers Silk Blood Chit can be used for framing or sewn to the inside of a jacket. The silk version is meant to be sewn into the jacket's lining.

"Flying Tiger" Silk Blood Chit - Gibson & Barnes

In the China-Burma-India threatre of World War II, Flying Tiger pilots were issued silk Blood Chits by the Chinese government. The chits identified the bearer as a...

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